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Dear Governor Huntsman,

This letter comes at a hard time for our nation, a time of abundant suspicion and lasting cynicism. Trusting in our politicians has become a punch-line—a joke that echoes around the campaign trail. Being a statesman seems to become harder each and every day.

We know you know this.

Before the founding of this republic, American leaders stood up and fought an empire. Our nation’s Fathers came together—despite differences in opinion. The common bond of liberty and individualism united the 13 colonies. Benjamin Franklin declared that "we must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately." Those were grave times.

President Lincoln held the Republic together during a civil war that tested whether a "nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal" could, in fact, endure and survive. Those were grave times. Grave times call for great leaders.

We still believe in the principles of our nation’s founders.

We still believe in the words of President Lincoln.

We want to believe in President Huntsman.

We have faith in you, Governor. We have faith because the call to serve transcends politics and horse races. We know that and your campaign for President will be hard, and that they might even fail. These campaigns may have false starts, but they will have real hope and real promise. These campaigns are working for something greater than any one individual.

The American people are asking for something greater than a poll or pundit’s choice. They are asking a patriot to act on his call to duty. You said it best, Governor:

"I will always put my country first."

With best wishes for our nation,

The Founders of Jon 2016



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